Gel Ice Packs

Cold Pak Products specialises in manufacturing gel ice packs using a non-toxic, water based gel refrigerant sealed in a premium, cropped-test-logo.pngheavy duty plastic pouch. Gel Ice Packs lasts longer than normal ice and is an economical alternative to store and ship temperature-sensitive products such as food and medical products. Designed as a safer alternative to dry ice, Cold Pak Products’ range of Gel Ice Packs are non-toxic and totally reusable.

The Gel Ice Packs are 100% Australian made. They are also environmentally friendly and designed to maintain a specific cold temperature level during packaging, transportation and storage of your perishable goods and other products.

The Gel Ice Packs are in a ready to use sealed pouch and simply require freezing prior to use. All ice packs are fully reusable providing an efficient and cost effective alternative to ice.




Thermal Pallet Covers

Cold Pak Products also offer versatile, high quality, Insulated Pallet Covers to help keep your products at a comfortable cropped-test-logo.pngtemperature whilst in transit or in storage. Cold Pak Products’ range of light-weight and easy to install insulated pallet covers can provide a convenient solution depending on your budget and application.

The Insulated Pallet Covers are made with thermal insulation materials to provide the solution to many packaging problems such as temperature storage. These covers are made up of several layers that can provide the ultimate solution to all your storage, warehousing and packaging needs.

Cold Pak Products’ Insulated Pallet Covers can be used over and over again and custom sizes are available upon request.

Insulated Pallet Covers can:

  • Be used to keep your pallet load warm or cool over extended periods.
  • Stabilise product temperatures.
  • Keep cargo from direct contact with airflow from the energy source e.g. refrigeration unit.
  • Enable the carrying of mixed loads of varying temperatures over longer periods.
  • Reduce cross contamination of various products.
  • Give extra protection for temperature sensitive products.
  • Assist in reducing spoilage.

The Insulated Pallet Covers are also waterproof and can assist in keeping the load clean. They are also light weight and easily fitted by one person.

The outer metallic surface can repel up to 98% of sunlight (radiant heat). Heat alone causes the most problems (up to 93%) with various products. Heat can cause your product to expand, contract and release moisture – ultimately reducing your products’ shelf life.


Two options are available:


Standard Insulated Pallet Covers

The Standard Covers offer a lightweight yet highly durable foil finish which is used on both the outside and inside of the pallet cover, with an air cell encapsulated between.

A document pouch is also available upon request.

Premium Insulated Pallet Covers

The Premium Covers features a more heavy duty woven foil which is used on the outside of the pallet cover. The inside of this cover also has a built-in soft woven polyethylene material. These encapsulate a layer of high quality closed cell foam for the

A document pouch is available upon request.


Below are the estimated temperature guidelines for different applications.

Frozen Products:          Less than -15°

Chilled Products:         -2° to +2°

Cool Products:             +2° to +8°

Ambient Products:       +16° to +25°



Insulated Boxes (Including Liners)

Cold Pak Products also offer special insulated boxes ideal for transporting products that require very strict temperature control and help safeguard your products from temperature fluctuations. Used together with the Gel Ice Packs and they will ensure your product quality, texture and colour with every delivery.

The Insulated Boxes are designed to protect your products from spoilage or deterioration during shipment and are perfectly safe to be in contact with food items.

The Insulated Boxes are easy to assemble and are available for delivery to your business flat-packed.