Our Products

When the products you make need to be handled with care and arrive at the destination looking fresh and at a cold temperature, Cold Pak Products may have the solution for you. Cold Pak Products provide convenient and non-toxic solutions to keep your products frozen, chilled and cool during any transportation or whilst in storage. These products are a cost-effective way to transport and store perishable goods such as seafood, meat, confectionary, fruit, vegetables, fresh flowers, beverages and the like, and is also ideal for shipping medical products.

Gel Ice Packs

Cold Pak Products specialises in manufacturing gel ice packs using a non-toxic, water based gel refrigerant sealed in a premium, heavy duty plastic pouch. Gel Ice Packs lasts longer than normal ice and is an economical alternative to store and ship temperature-sensitive products such as food and medical products. Designed as a safer alternative to dry ice, Cold Pak Products’ range of Gel Ice Packs are non-toxic and totally reusable.

Insulated Pallet Covers

High quality Insulated Pallet Covers offers a versatile thermal insulation option to help keep your products at a comfortable temperature whilst in transit or in storage. Cold Pak Products’ range of light-weight and easy to install insulated pallet covers can provide a convenient solution depending on your budget and application. They are also reusable and custom sizes are available.

Insulated Boxes

Cold Pak Products also offer special insulated boxes ideal for transporting products that require very strict temperature control and help safeguard your products from temperature fluctuations. These are a great option and are designed to protect your products from spoilage or deterioration during shipment.

We are committed to looking after our customers and helping you to find the perfect solution. Contact Cold Pak Products today for a no obligation quote.